Make Every Dream Count

Every single day you wake up, the day begins and ends. Even though each day is unique and extraordinary, somehow it still gets chalked up to the same ol, some ol. The majority of us call it the “Daily Grind” of life. Some of us will say that the day is, “another day, another dollar.” Sound familiar?

If you fall in this category, here’s a SIMPLE question for you. Why? If you doing what you love, you’ll be happier.

If you don’t fall in that category, here’s a question for you. Are you happy?

At the end of the day, can you say to yourself… “I can live my dream!”

Maybe, or probably. But if your not able to say those 5 words, you have problem. One question you should be asking yourself…

Have You Lost Your Dream?!

For the month of April, we have it declared as the Make Every Dream Count in the City of Vancouver and Clark County, Washington.  However, dreams don’t reside in the great area of the Pacific Northwest. We believe EVERYONE can do one thing this month that can make someone’s day to where they believe in themselves. It will become an emotional sensation that you’ll want repeated and reciprocated.

CALL TO ACTION: Change someone’s life one day each week of April. Either help yourself, or help someone say “I can live my dream!” And then CELEBRATE & SHARE your experience.

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Evening of Dreams

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An Evening of Dreams


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