Our Goals

The Dream Big Community Center is dedicated to be an institution, place, and service to provide an inverse course of action to the potential clients of these sorts of situations. In order to meet the needs of the community strategically, Dream Big will take a different
approach. The approach Dream Big will take is a very popular one in the consumer industry. It is not being used with community centers, and that approach is a “shopping mall.” The “shopping mall” approach will allow Dream Big to use a collaborative wraparound system that is comprised of various local non-profits and organizations. The approach will also allow us to do the following:

1. To raise awareness of causes non-profits support.

2. To bring more community participation in non-profits.

3. To give non-profit organizations a central place for the community to access them.

4. Provide a space for non-profits who can’t afford a permanent building.

5. To introduce non-profits to new clients.

6. To provide these services under one roof.

7. Increase knowledge of sexual education for teenagers.

8. Reduce rate of crime among teenagers.

9. Increase physical activity for all community citizens.

10. Increase more nonprofit involvement within the community.

Ultimately, we want to allow nonprofits, faith-based groups, and government to have a commonplace and reduce costs, while reaching their targeted clients and accomplishing their mission statement and goals.

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