Become a Sponsor

To have the opportunity to sponsor one of our programs would be an awesome investment for your organization. Your investment comes with no risk, and lots of rewards. Those rewards come in a twofold benefit, both to you and students.

Those benefits are:

  • You- tax deductible donation
  • You- a gift that will continue giving
  • You- recognition via the website and school administrators
  • You- an opportunity to share your story (depending on donation amount)
  • Students- being introduced to the framework of a dream
  • Students- an opportunity to create a dream
  • Students- exposure to post secondary education opportunities
  • Students- the resources to begin accomplishing the goals that build their dreams

The unspoken benefit is the community impact. We focus on all kids, rather than “at-risk” or high academic achievers. For all students to have resources to pursue their dreams is not a reality– and you can change that! You would also positively impact the rates of:

  1. High School & Middle School Dropout
  2. Youth Crime
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Gang Involvement & Growth

Click here for the form. For more information, give our office a call at (360) 448-7439.

Our Tax ID 32-0185505.

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