Program Outcomes

Our data, from working with students from different schools, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities, have allowed us to confirm that few things are certain in life. However, we’ve been able to deduct several commonalities amongst our students. Our most important discovery is that an individual’s dreams are at the very core of who we are as human beings and some students weren’t ready to make that exploration.

Our Qualitative Goals:

  • To ensure the students realize the dream is not the destination but a journey that will need constant attention and development.
  • Encourage students to understand their dream will need an adult mentor.
  • Students need a goal roadmap to be successful.
  • Students need to have a support system at home and in the classroom to achieve the small accomplishments on their goal roadmap.

Our Quantitative Outcomes:

Initial Assessments-Dream Big Community Center Conference

  • 72% did not know how to pursue their dream
  • 70% did not want a mentor
  • 40% believed in a dream
  • 37% did not know which path to take after high school

Final Assessments-

  • 94% knew how to pursue their dream
  • 87% believed they could make their dream a reality
  • 86% knew which path to take after high school
  • 69% wanted a mentor

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